Accommodation Information

Welcome to WordCamp Kansai 2015!

I’m Kimiya Kitani, a PR team member of WordCamp Kansai 2015.
Since the site’s launch on May 25th, we received tons of responses and we’re thankful for that!

WordCamp Kansai 2015 will be in Osaka University Toyonaka Campus, Toyonaka city, which is located in the northern part north of Osaka prefecture.  Let’s get you around easily, so here are the closest stations.

  • Ishibashi station of Hankyu Takarazuka Line (13 minutes from the venue on foot, google map)
  • Shibahara station of Osaka Monorail (15 minutes from the venue  on foot, google map)

Lodgment Information

Best Lodgment Area

If you’re coming from a far place, or simply want to stay in Osaka for WordCamp, here are some recommendations on places to stay:

We recommend you to search from the northern part of Osaka prefecture or Ikeda, Toyonaka, Minoh, Suita, or an international airport area.

Beware that there are 2 different international airports and most of the oversea flights arrives at Kansai International Airport, which is further from the venue.

Book Early and Enjoy Your Trip!

Osaka is an incredible city, with lots of places for sightseeing. Places to stay around Shin-Osaka, Umeda or USJ (Universal Stuidos Japan) are comfortable areas.

We advice WordCamp attendees to book early, as Tenjin festival will be on the same weekend of WordCamp.

Tenjin festival is one of Japan’s three greatest festivals with thousands of tourists joining from overseas and different parts of Japan. With this event, hotel bookings may become difficult.

Please contact the organizers for inquiries and we’d be happy to help.